Extinguish your burning hunger with Fireside wood-fired pizza

Then cool down with a pint of craft brew
from our custom extinguisher tap.



513-751-FIRE (3473)

From this watchful flame, a new fire has been kindled

Ladder-Men, Smoke-Jumpers, Cinder-Monkeys… call them what you will…there have been many firemen who’ve walked, lived, and laughed in this very building. Their early destinations still remain painted on our walls. A hearty slap on the back from a sooty, black hand and a wholesome, hot meal around a fire stove is what awaited these firemen when they returned to Firehouse #16 from a call.

Over a century later, those days are here again! Though we still have our mobile oven wagon to serve our delicious food to customers throughout the Tri-State area, we saw Firehouse #16 in Walnut Hills as a perfect match for us.

Come see how we have reinvented something as simple as cooking with fire. Watch us as we transform our made fresh daily dough, sumptuous cheeses and spices, and locally picked ingredients into your mouth-watering personal wood-fired pizza or side dish. As the fire cracks and smoke slowly swirls up the chimney stack above the pizza, you will realize this is how food was meant to be cooked. You don’t have to be in a fire to be affected by it… just near it!!

Trifectorally speaking, we truly believe it is our people, place, and on-of-a-kind fire cooked food that makes us unique in Cincinnati. We invite you to stop in today and see for yourself!!

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On Firehouse#16 building rehab

Courtesy The Walnut Hills Redevelopment Foundation and Andrew Stahike.


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